who we are
Braviant is a leading provider of tech-enabled credit products and services for underbanked consumers. Our Chicago-based team of technologists, data scientists, and fintech veterans has developed a next-generation approach to lending. By combining breakthrough technology and cutting-edge machine learning, we transform how people access credit online.
a world without credit barriers
We envision a world where every individual is empowered to take control of their personal finances regardless of credit score.
We’re making this a reality by building proprietary decision models that look beyond a traditional credit score to more accurately assess a person’s true ability and willingness to repay.
Our mission
& Methods
Braviant was founded in 2014 to empower people with less than perfect credit and help them rebuild their financial lives.

Our online credit solutions not only solve the immediate borrowing need, but also provide a pathway for non-prime consumers to graduate to lower rates over time as they work their way toward prime credit.
Our mission is to offer financial solutions that help non-prime consumers graduate to lower rates as they work toward prime credit.
Our data science team builds adaptive, plug-and-play machine learning models to match each consumer with the product that's right for them.
BALANCE CREDIT offers installment loans and credit services for consumers in need of a fast approval and funding process to cover an unexpected expense or balance their budget.
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